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I’ll come right out and say that this site has been through the wringer but it’s still standing. It’s an absolute beast in the hookup world. AdultFriendFinder tended to be on the more casual side of the spectrum when it first began in 1996.

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It broke new ground by offering visitors a discreet way to find casual sexual connections, something that up until then had been almost solely the domain of newspaper classifieds. For the first time, people could look for people to fulfill their deeper desires without the added fear and danger of meeting a stranger or arranging a physical situation.

The website hit a high point in 2007 as one of the 100 most visited websites in the world, an accolade shared with giants like Google and Facebook.

Unfortunately, AdultFriendFinder fell from grace around 2014, as the site fell victim to a slew of hacking attempts, as well as a plague of fake profiles and spambots. Since then, the company has been attempting to repair its image and reclaim its status as one of the world’s foremost hookup sites, to varying degrees of success.

Actually, I’ll go ahead and say that they’ve fixed things and still maintain their massive database of users.

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With the history of AdultFriendFinder in mind, and my need to hot local sex partners 24/7, I decided to do a bit of research into the current state of the site, as well as try to find out just what the AdultFriendFinder user experience amounts to these days.

My Feelings on AdultFriendFinder (Does It Work?)

So while the name AdultFriendFinder should make the purpose of the site fairly obvious, the company still finds it necessary to be exceptionally gratuitous with its imagery, even before you’ve signed up. Naked bodies abound even on the front page of the site, which makes it impossible for potential users to be mistaken as to what AdultFriendFinder is offering. I’m not exactly the modest type myself, but even I was taken aback by the kind of imagery they immediately start showing.

Once you’ve made it past this barrage of explicit content, signup it pretty straightforward. The user information that’s collected is limited to first and last name, and email address. No social media can be connected to the platform, and due to the strongly mature purposes behind AdultFriendFinder, I find this to be the right choice.

Reg Process / Setting Up An Account

Once you’ve started a profile, you’ll next have to build it out with information and images. With the free account, you’ll only be able to post and view thumbnail-sized photos, with a maximum allotment of 10 images.

The questions asked here tend not to pry too deeply into your background, save for items like sexual proclivities and experiences.

Once you finish this up, you’ll then be ready to check out the users currently active on AdultFriendFinder.

While baseline service on AFF is free, they do offer enhanced membership for a monthly fee. Like most other sites, discounts are offered for a longer commitment. A single month of deluxe service is $40, with a 3-month package coming in at $27/mo, and the yearlong subscription offering the maximum discount at just $20 per month.

With a paid subscription, users gain access to the messaging app, as well as the live member webcam feeds and the ability to view full-sized images.

In my opinion, AdultFriendFinder tends to be lacking in functionality without the paid membership option. Without a subscription, doing something as basic as messaging another user is all but impossible.

Again, to help you visualize better for comparative purposes, here’s the pricing:

  • 1-month – $40
  • 3-month – $81 = $27/mo
  • 12-month – $240 = $20/mo

It’s clear to see that the annual subscription is the way to go here.

Who Uses This These Days?

A LOT OF PEOPLE, that’s who!

Amazingly, there still seems to be a large and active user base on AdultFriendFinder.

I was pleasantly shocked to discover plenty of seemingly legit profiles linked to the same part of the country that I reside in.

One thing of note is that an overwhelming number of the users on AdultFriendFinder are horny, so if you’re looking to just connect for tea and crumpets, then you’ve got the wrong site. LOL, these people want to smash and dash.

Diving Into Profiles

So at this point in the review, you shouldn’t be caught off guard by the fact that the user profiles on AdultFriendFinder are more than a little risque. Sexually graphic images tend to dot most profiles, especially those marked as “casual” or “having fun.”

If this is a little too over-the-top for you, you can do what I did and select the “no nudity” option in the search menu. Keep in mind, however, that this does severely limit the number of profiles shown. It seems like most folks who use Friend Finder are looking for the shortest possible route to a sexual connection, and nudity is a surefire way to advertise your, erm…….goods.

One additional point before I move on here. If you’re a straight male looking for a companion on AdultFriendFinder, be aware that the amount of “dick pic” spam is pretty severe as you browse the database. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

 Are You Casual Enough?

You need to keep in mind that this is a site primarily built around the idea of the casual hookup or affair. It was never meant to be a Match.com or OkCupid, where users tend to be looking for some sort of substantial emotional connection.

Even I was surprised at how forthcoming the site is about its intentions, with the very design and functionality of the website promoting quick and easy flings.

For someone like myself this ended up being what I needed, but if you’re on the hunt for a serious relationship, AdultFriendFinder is not up your alley.

What Sets AFF.com Apart?

Something that is relatively unique to this site is the ability to live stream video straight from your profile. This feature gives members the ability to post video feed live as they show off their various talents and assets. For individuals who tend to be a bit exhibitionist, this feature can make the site a lot more fun.

Posting live erotic video also definitely doesn’t hurt your chances of attracting that new sexual partner you’ve been on the lookout for. I do it and you’ll likely seem my junk on the site. Don’t care, it helps me smash.

What About The Hacking?

So as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, AdultFriendFinder has suffered data breaches on two separate occasions, which leaked not only nude images of their users but also sensitive information such as sexual preferences and histories.

While the website has made strenuous efforts to seal up this leaks, I would still recommend a bit of caution when using any and all dating sites, period. AdultFriendFinder will not be singled out there for the hacks. If they weren’t expecting the first two attacks, they certainly wouldn’t be expecting the third.

The key here is to limit your personal information as much as possible, as maybe take extra steps like blurring out your face in your profile images. In other words, don’t post nudes with your face smack dab in the middle of the photo.

The Bottom Line – I Like It

AdultFriendFinder in its current state still looks pretty impressive. It has an exceptionally large user base and still sees quite a bit of traffic.

However, there were a few different things about the site that I really care for. Like the easy ability to hook up within hours. The gratuitous nature of the site was a little too over the top for me and ended up making it hard to take the site seriously, then I got laid and that all changed!

They do have upgrade fees, but and functionality will improve with a few dollars coming out of your bank account.

When paired with the fact that there are many other hookup sites that exist today offering free features that compete with the paid features found on AdultFriendFinder, I can both recommend this site as well as others in my top list of sites.

If you’d like a different option for this sort of need, why not try the Instabang.com network. They’ve maintained a great reputation in the world of online casual dating. and I think you’ll be happy with the results.

Heck, give them both a try!

Start with the Original Friend Finder For Adults – CLICK HERE!

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Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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