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Why Use A Casual Dating Website?

There’s a reason why so many people use dating sites and apps to connect with others. They do so for one reason, because – THEY WORK. With all the scrunity and backlash that people have gotten using mainstream and “serious” dating sites caused a spawn of hookup networks. Those listed above work flawlessly and using any of them will likely lead to a hooking up with someone in your local city. Being a member of these networks has its perks. In fact, there are far more reasons why you should use a casual hookup app versus mainstream social media or traditional dating tactics. Anyone looking to save time, headaches, and money should give a sex dating network a shot before using anything else.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Adult Dating Site

If you’re still reading this, then my guess is that you’re DTF and ready to join an adult dating site. Either that or you’re ready to install one of the many hookup apps out there onto your smartphone. Need help choosing which to join? No problem, that’s why we’re here! For people looking for casual sex, going through the traditional selection process doesn’t apply. Instead, I’m going to help you choose the best hookup dating site that’s perfect for you. The best way to determine which casual sex network to join is to simply answer a few of these questions that I’m about to ask. Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions. “Are you looking to remain discreet in your hookup adventures?” If so, then you’ll want to use an app that promises to keep your data safe and secure. Not only that, you’ll want to confirm that the network is 100% discreet and completely private from the public. There are many options above which are (please refer to the list above). “Do you want a guarantee?” If so, then you need to look for a dating network that offers a guarantee (either providing you with money back or an extended membership free of charge if you do not get laid). They do exist and you need to look for that!

Hooking Up In America Today

Did you know that the number of singles throughout the United States is at an all-time high? YES – you heard that correctly! People are willing to put aside political differences and other issues simply in the name of hooking up. More people than ever before are willing to have threesomes and swinger relationships. People in the 60+ age group are even casually having sex more than ever before. Last but not least, close to 50% of all singles have already hooked up with friends in a FWB aka friends with benefits relationship. I guess what I’m trying to say is…Casual Hookups Are More Common Than Ever!


How To Choose The Best Hookup Site

There are many adult dating sites on the old interwebs. Seriously, whatever you are into sexually, you can probably find it online. The problem is, there are so many sites available that it can be hard to figure out what site is the best site for hookups or what sites you should avoid.

Luckily for you, I have been using many of the best and unfortunately, worst dating sites out there and I know which ones to check out and which ones you should avoid no matter what.

If and when you’re on the hunt for the best site for hookups, there are some considerations that will undoubtedly make that decision easier and bring you closer to spending time with a hookup partner before you know it.

Things You Must Consider

People no longer go looking for dates at the bar or ask their friends to set them up. Nope, we are living in a completely digital world and our dating habits definitely reflect this love of everything online. While it would seem like having a plethora of different dating sites would be a great thing, it actually makes dating and hooking up a little bit harder.

If you are trying to choose the best site for hookups, consider these things to help make that decision easier:


There is no better way to determine if a hookup site is legit other than to read the reviews from people who have tried it. Yes, there will always be fake reviews lurking around the Internet that both praise and complain about a site no matter what, but if you pay attention to what things people repeatedly talk about, you’ll get a pretty good idea about what a site is about.

Don’t just look at one or two reviews, though. Read a handful and learn from the horny guys before you jump the gun.

Membership Levels

Another great way to determine if a hookup site is worth your time is to look at how many members they actually have. I’m not saying a site with a lower number of members isn’t going to bring you success, especially if you’re into something a little different, but if a hookup site is just buzzing with activity and has a large member base, it’s a pretty good bet that they are worth joining.

Also, you’ll want to take note as to whether or not they offer an upgrade of some sort. Premium memberships always trump the freebies. No questions asked, they are 100% better options. If a site doesn’t offer some sort of premium version, then there’s probably no reason to join.

Holds Your Interest

With so many hookup sites popping up, they all start looking kind of similar to each other. Sometimes this is because one parent company owns a group of sites and saves money by just making everything look the same and other times they’re just cheap and don’t want to put the time and money in. For me to even begin to consider becoming a member, I want a site that looks interesting and fun, and it has the features and tools that make it stand out in a sea of duds.


Anything done on the Internet comes with some risk. Unfortunately, these types of sites aren’t as secure as they could be. While you have to do your part to make sure you’re safe while you’re using any site, you want to make sure the site you choose for sexual encounters does its part too.

Be sure that the site you choose has solid customer support, security, and a good reputation within the Industry.

It’s important to read through all the terms and conditions and avoid any hookup site that reserves the right to use your information as they see fit, including selling it to third-party companies or reproducing your profile and putting it on their other sites without your knowledge.


You know what you’re looking for when you look at a hookup site. So, obviously you want to focus on a site that offers that type of subject matter, whether it’s a specific kink, type of person you like spending your time with, or even what interests you have, as well as the site features that you like.

Maybe you’re the type of person that enjoys cam shows and dirty picture galleries. Or, maybe you enjoy a site that has a social media feel that you’re used to on more mainstream sites. Or, maybe you like a site that has a mobile app for when you’re not at home sitting on the computer. Whatever you’re most drawn to, you want to make sure the hookup site you choose meets most of your needs in what it has to offer.

What is the Difference Between “Free” and “Paid” on a Hookup Site?

I have a question for you. Have you ever gotten anything for free that was worth having? Seriously, think about it. I bet you can’t come up with much that was free and actually cool.

The main difference between free and paid sites is that when you join a free site, you’re pretty limited in what you get.

Totally free sites are rare. Yes, you can join most casual dating sites for free, but all that gets you is a ton of advertising, a pretty basic profile, and an inbox full of messages from fakes. Paying for a membership may cost you a little bit, but in the long run you’ll get more benefits.

Benefits of a Paid (Premium) Hookup Site

There are a few benefits to joining a paid site versus a free one. These benefits include:

  1. Quality

Free sites just can’t boast the quality that paid hookup sites have. The features and tools are better, the algorithms that a site uses to match you up are better, the profiles are better, and honestly, the women are better.

If it doesn’t matter to you who you’re matched up with, what a partner looks like, or what type of person they are, then by all means, go for the free sites. But, if you want to find a quality hookup match, you’re going to have to stop being a cheapskate.

  1. Security

The security of a site should be your first consideration before you join. All dating sites worth their salt will share their terms and conditions of service before you join. Pay close attention to what they do if there is a data breach or if they share your information with other parties. If any hookup site reserves the right to share your information, you would best be advised to avoid them.

Paid sites have the money and the manpower to ensure that their paid members are safe and that the top safety measures are adhered to.

Free hookup sites just don’t have that capability and honestly, I don’t think they care to do it. If you aren’t paying them for anything, what do they care if you’re taken care of?

  1. No Fake Profiles

Did you know that some dating sites will use fake profiles to make the site look busier than it is and to entice men into sticking around on the site? These profiles are completely fabricated and the pictures you see and the person you’re talking to don’t match up. Yep, that sexy blond who can’t get enough of your dirty mind and the pictures of your junk could very well be a 400lb man living in his parent’s basement that gets paid to talk to you. “She” will never meet you in person and you’re certainly not going to get laid.

Full disclosure folks, some paid sites do this same thing with the fake profiles, but they will label all of the fakes with certain letters, so you know they aren’t real members. It may be “LS” for love stars, “LC” for love cupids, or something cutesy like that. What you should remember about these profiles is that a paid site will let you know they use them while a free site probably won’t.

10 Tips For Finding Hookups

Some men seem to be extremely lucky in hooking up. They get girls easily. If you are in between relationships or not ready for something serious, you probably still want to enjoy some physical connection. If it doesn’t come as easily to you as some of the other guys out there, it could be frustrating. Don’t go home alone every night any more. Instead, learn how to find hookups and enjoy yourself. Here are 10 tips for finding hookups.

Be Upfront

You need to be upfront about your intentions right away when you meet a potential hookup. Explain what you want and why you aren’t looking for something more serious at this time. Explain that you are only interested in something fun and casual or “just friends”. This does not mean you need to be rude and use degrading language. Alternatively, you should approach the situation with some delicacy. Be kind when you describe the relationship you want. However, you don’t want to be too nice. It’s wrong to lead a woman on and make them think you are interested in something more serious. it could lead to hurt feelings and possibly crazy behavior. You may be sending the wrong signals if you constantly use terms of endearment, such as “babe”, if you talk about the future together, or if you talk every single day.

If you get the sense that the other person is more into you than you are into them, you may choose to look for another hookup. If someone is emotionally involved, the whole situation could get messy, whether you are upfront or not. It’s your responsibility to protect your hookup from hurt feelings, so let them go if you get the sense that they are going to end up crushed.

Ideally, you want to find somebody who is looking for the exact same thing as you. There are plenty of women out there who aren’t in a place to start a relationship, either. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to possibly start something later when you both are ready. However, you should both have an understanding that might never happen. It’s okay to just be looking for a good time, you just need to be upfront about it.

It’s also okay to change your mind with time. If you do start to develop feelings, you should let the other person know. That way, you can move forward in the best way for both parties with everything on the table. Who knows? Your hookup may turn into something more serious, and that’s okay, too.

Get Consent

Consent is sexy. You want to ensure that you both want to be together in the same way. You should talk about your intentions with each other before going home. You can even make it fun by talking about what you are both comfortable with. For example, you can play “Never Have I Ever” or “Truth or Dare” to learn more about the things you want to know. You don’t want to think a certain sex act is appropriate if the other person isn’t comfortable, and these games can help give you a sense of what is okay. A quick conversation beforehand can help clear everything up so that you and your partner are on the same page.

It’s also important to remember that a person is not able to consent if under the influence. Be careful not to move forward if someone is too drunk. This can require some restraint, but it will be good in the long run since you will prove yourself as a respectful person. It will help you develop a long-term friendship with the hookup since they know they can trust you. Plus, you don’t want to end up in trouble if your partner wakes up and feels violated. Even a person who says they are into it while intoxicated may come to regret their decision, so be careful. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a couple of cocktails with your potential partner. In fact, that can help break the ice. However, you should practice moderation.

Look in the Right Places

If you want to successfully find a hookup, you may not do well trying to pick up a girl at a church event or at the grocery store. Instead, you want to look at more appropriate places, such as a bar or a club.

People generally go to a bar or club for a good time. Many of the people will only be interested in hanging with friends, but there may also be people looking for a hookup as well. There are a number of ways to tell if someone is interested in finding someone for the night. Look for people who are alone and dressed well. You should also keep your eye open to see if anyone is showing you attention. You may find someone sneaking a glance at you or smiling at you. A person may also be facing you or move closer to you. Body language can be the first sign that someone is available and interested.

Another good place to find a hookup is at a hotel bar. Someone may be in from out of town. They are having a couple of drinks, and they are alone. Plus, they already have a hotel room to enjoy.

Be Confident

When you are ready to approach someone for a hookup, you need to greet the person with an air of confidence. It starts with the way you carry yourself when you walk over. Walk tall and with a smile or a casual expression on your face. You want to seem confident, but you also want to appear approachable, too. Create a fun introduction, but you want to avoid using a corny line. Many women will get turned off by the typical lines. Some introductions to consider include:

  • Hey. I like your dress/purse/shoes.
  • I just got a new promotion. Want to celebrate with me?
  • Hey. What is the best drink here?
  • Can I buy you a drink?
  • Where do you like to go to brunch in the morning?

Even the most corny line can be effective when stated with confidence. While it might feel a bit lame at first, don’t be afraid to practice in the mirror before you go out. This will help you learn the proper inflection and facial expression for the moment. You should also be mindful when approaching someone in a large group. You need to address everyone in the group while singling out the girl you are interested in. A girl with her friends will be far more difficult to get away, so you should aim to talk to someone who is alone.

While you want to be confident, you don’t want to cross the line into arrogance. Arrogance can be a serious turnoff for many women. You want to act humble (even if bragging a little bit). Your accomplishments and abilities should come out naturally during the conversation. You also shouldn’t be afraid to compliment the woman instead of only talking about yourself. A confident man isn’t afraid to build a woman up a little bit.

Use technology

We live in a digital age where almost everyone has a miniature computer in their pocket. Use this technology to your advantage. Start by trying different dating apps. There are a number of dating apps where you can meet people from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about going to the right place or weeding through the different women. Some dating apps are even specifically designed for people looking for casual encounters. Just be wary of misleading apps that won’t deliver what they offer.

When you download an app, you need to create an effective profile. First, you should include numerous pictures that make you look good. The more pictures you put up, the more credibility it will give you. Make sure the pictures are recent and aren’t misleading. You also want to avoid group pictures that may make it unclear which person you are.

Next, you have to write out a detailed profile. You want the profile to give other users the sense of who you are without being too detailed. You need to leave a little bit of mystery and leave something to talk about when you match. This is also a great opportunity to clarify what you are interested in. Remember not to be rude, but you should be clear if you are only interested in short-term fun. You don’t need to go into detail right on your page, but you also don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking you were ready for something serious if you aren’t.

Get to Know Each Other

Many women associate intimacy with some sort of connection. They may not want to hookup if you don’t try to get to know them. For this reason, you should learn to be a good listener. Start by asking a lot of questions about her. What does she do for a living? How was her day? Who does she live with? Does she have any pets? What was their last relationship like? When she talks, be sure to listen and show interest. You don’t want to interrupt and tell your own stories until the appropriate timing. Don’t be afraid to approach topics of relationships and sex. If she mentions that she is looking for something serious, she might not be the best. 

Many men think that this can backfire since it can make the woman think they are interested. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. You can tell the young lady up front your intentions while still showing interest in her. You can make a great, new friend. When things fizzle out, you will help ensure that you still have a cordial relationship after the fact.

You don’t want to just “hit it and quit it” with a girl, especially if the encounter was fun. When you develop a sincere friendship with your hookup, it will increase the likelihood that you continue hooking up with each other. This means you won’t have to constantly be on the hunt. For some women, it may take a couple of encounters before they feel comfortable enough to be with a guy, and that’s okay. Just be careful not to get stuck in the friend zone if that’s not the type of relationship you want.

On the topic of getting to know your partner, you want to get to know her physically as well. Learn what she likes in bed so that you can please her and have her coming back for more. You want to make it all about her in the bedroom. When she is pleasured, she’ll be more interested in pleasuring you.

Look Your Best

Women want to go home with someone who takes care of themselves. You should make a point to tend to your appearance before you head out. Shower, brush your hair, and wear nice clothes. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a rugged look or facial hair. However, you want to keep up on personal hygiene and not shy away from demonstrating a sense of style. You can actually generate a lot of female attention by the way you dress, so dress mindfully. You can try to stand out with a showy outfit, or you can opt to go for a more subtle style. Don’t dress to be someone different than you really are. Be yourself. That will help you find a girl who is a good match.

Let’s say you finally do find a match and get the opportunity to bring her home. You also want to ensure your home is as clean as possible. Keep your place clean, so you won’t gross her out when she comes over. You should also be prepared with an extra toothbrush and maybe even some drinks. You want to be a good host if you expect her to spend the night and possibly come back.

Be Safe

Hooking up with a random person isn’t the safest activity. You need to go into it with a certain amount of caution. If talking to somebody online, talk for a period of time before actually going to meet them. You should also ask to be added on Facebook to verify that they are who they say they are. A real person will have numerous friends and pictures. You may also choose to Google their name to see if anything pops up.

Always meet in a public place for the first time. When you meet, use your instincts to determine if you feel comfortable with this person. Even if you do, you should be mindful of where your wallet and phone is at all times. You also want to be careful about the items in your home if yo do bring them back to your place.

Finally, you want to make sure you use a condom if you do engage in physical activity. Both of you are looking for hookups, so you don’t want to be reckless. Unprotected sex can lead to an STD or pregnancy. You probably don’t want to deal with any of those problems, and a condom is a very simple way to eliminate the possibility. You will feel more safe, and you won’t do something that could potentially ruin your life.

Have Fun!

The whole point of looking for a hookup is to have fun! This should be light-hearted and exciting, so let yourself enjoy it. You want to make sure you are enjoying yourself, and you connect with your partner physically. Release your inhibitions and get into it. This means you should find a partner who like to do fun things. Talk to your partner about possibly doing something you have never done before. You may be surprised about what she might want to try. A hookup situation is a great way to explore these areas.

You should also be sure to avoid any drama. Hookups should not come with the same emotional drama as a regular relationship. When it does start getting dramatic, it tells you that something is amiss. A hookup is not worth the fighting and tears, so you’ll want to stop it before things get too crazy.

It is perfectly fine if you are looking for something casual at the moment. It’s your life, and you want what you want. However, you may discover that finding a hookup is more difficult than you thought. Many women aren’t interested in a hookup situation. Even the ones who are interested in hookups may not like your approach. Remember to be upfront without being rude. You also want to develop some kind of relationship with the person, even if it is just as a friendship. Most of all, just have fun and enjoy yourself (as long as you stay safe).

Final Thoughts

Everyone is different and what they’re looking for in a hookup site is as different as they are. No matter what type of site you’re looking for, it’s out there. While you may need to try out a few different sites to find the perfect match for you, as long as you use some common sense, read the terms of service, and spend your time finding what does and doesn’t work for your personality, you’re going to find the best site for hookups for your personal needs.


Overview Of The Best Hookup Sites


Fling is a pioneer in this hookup dating space. They were one of the first few that dared to venture into the unknown to connect people for sex. Here we are today, a decade later, and still hooking up one connection at a time made online. A platform with people of various orientations and genders, completely non-discriminatory and sex centric. With more than 50+ million members all over the world, it makes it one of the most heavily populated adult dating networks on the Internet. I high-powered search algo which helps super particular people find that perfect needle in a haystack aka bang buddy with all the perks. One of the very few platforms that actually allow users to make money while actively dating online. Premium communication methods for upgraded members is a solid add-on as well. This one takes the cake folks, no one comes even close. ->> Click Here To Read Review


Another pioneer in the adult dating industry, Adultfriendfinder aka AFF has made heads turn for over a decade. This site has 80+ million members using it with millions active at any point in time during the day on a daily basis. If you’re looking for a massive library of people to choose from, fair member rates, and lots of random people to connect with, then you’ve found it. I should also add that the Adultfriendfinder.com has a massive content library of articles and sex advice columns that you’ll be able to up your game with. If you’re looking for amateur UGC videos, then you’ll find them here. Enjoy the videos, chat with people, meet for some sex, have a blast. ->> Click Here To Read Review


The Snapsext platform is basically the explicit version of Snapchat that Snap, Inc. will not allow on their platform. It takes selfies and sexy snaps to a whole different level. The company behind this brand is able to easily attract some of the most beautiful women in the world. These women are not only hot, but they’re horny and ready to bang too. With an easy to use mobile and desktop-friendly platform, it’s a piece of cake to hookup here. If you’re not quite looking to meet in person, then no worries, the live cam and snap feature will keep you connected 24/7 no matter what. Oh, and there is a get laid guarantee that comes with this site. How do you unlock all the top features of SnapSext.com? Easy, for less than $7 you can have it all and more. A top platform that makes the top 5 for a reason – because it works. ->> Click Here To Read Review


Straight to the point without the nonsense. Fuckbook is a top-five hookup site because they keep it honest and don’t shy away from the obvious! If you’re looking for a heavily populated network with people hooking up daily, then Fuckbook is the one you want. You’ll find that the search algo is rock solid and the variety of people is diverse as can be. Nearly all of the users on Fuckbook are 100% NSA and they’re only looking for sexual encounters. This makes things easy. Speaking of easy, the signup process is a piece of cake. Instant messaging keeps you connected with bang buddies and the unlimited gifts they allow you to send to partners keep them happy in between hookup sessions. Upgrade to take full advantage of all the perks. ->> Click Here To Read Review


The Instagram of hooking up, Instabang stepped in and did what Facebook and Instagram couldn’t. They came up with a platform that welcomed all those sex images and flashing pics that always lead to ban hammer issues in mainstream social media. At Instagram.com, you’ll get photo sharing and direct messaging capabilities along with video chats and more. Millions of people that left Instagram to join Instabang to accomplish that one goal – hookup. Premium features will have you chatting with smoke shows you were afraid of DMing due to getting banned on IG. Now you can ask them to meet and hopefully hookup! ->> Click Here To Read Review


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