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Some people say cheat, cheat, never beat. Well, I have you know that I do not believe in that hogwash one bit. I’m proof of it. Let’s cut to the chase here though, today I’m going to talk about Ashley Madison and no, she isn’t a person I’m dating and yes, I do mean the cheating site. But before you discount this review, let me tell you that Ashley Madison has revamped itself since that whole name-leaking thing and has become a key player in the world of hookups and adult dating.

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My Review Of AshleyMadison.com

If you’re looking to find someone for an affair, you can still find it there. And you can do so confidentially. But, if you’re looking for hookups, flings, threesomes, or you’re looking for something different, Ashley Madison is really a great choice if you want a totally confidential and secure site to go about your sexy business.

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Facts About The Site

Ashley Madison was launched in 2011 and honestly, probably made adult dating and casual hookup sites what they are today. I know, you’re thinking about that data breach of theirs in 2015 and how you definitely don’t want your name leaked to the world. I get it. But, Ashley Madison has upped its game and worked on safety and I’m now completely comfortable with what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. I mean, I have a profile myself, so I must be telling the truth, right?

More Facts About A.M.

Some of the other facts about Ashley Madison I like are:

  • There are thousands of people signing up daily. Seriously, people are really looking for a site that can deliver on what it promises, and Ashley Madison does that.
  • Ashley Madison is welcoming to everyone. No matter what you’re into, who you’re into, and what you want to do, you’re welcome to join Ashley Madison. Gay, straight, trans, bi, swingers, cheaters, regular Joe-Schmo’s and Schmo-ettes, nobody is going to judge you there.
  • Ashley Madison doesn’t mess with social media. Think about it, do you really want your Aunt Bunny knowing you’re looking to take the meat-pipe for the first time from that hot little tranny you found? Probably not. And if you’re married, I’m sure you don’t want your wife to know you’re considering an affair. Confidentiality is important to Ashley Madison.

Joining The Site

Joining Ashley Madison is easy and didn’t take me more than a minute. They do ask you a few questions, but they do this to ensure you’re going to find what you’re really looking for.

The questions Ashley Madison will ask you are:

  • Marital status – This is pretty self-explanatory. Just be honest and don’t try to trick anyone when you start talking to them.
  • Username – I wish I didn’t have to say this, but do not use a username that is your real name or something you use on every other site. C’mon guys, use the correct head when you’re setting up your profile.
  • Password – Make your password something you don’t use on other sites. Ashley Madison does help you make it strong and secure.
  • Zip Code – This helps you find someone local to wherever you are at the moment.
  • Birthdate – Because safety reasons, duh.
  • Email – Again, don’t be dumb. Don’t use the email you and your wife share, or the email associated with your Facebook profile or the one you use at work. Get a burner email and don’t use your name for this either.

Bonus Features

Ashley Madison has some unique bonus features I haven’t run across on your run-of-the-mill dating sites that are out there.

  1. Traveling Man Mode – Are you on the road a good bit for work? Traveling Man Mode will let you search for ladies local to you no matter where you are.
  2. Priority Messaging – If you’ve found a partner you’re really into, you can send a priority message that will land in their inbox right at the top and they’ll see it first. This is a premium service, though, so that means you have to pay for this option.
  3. Golden Member Status – If you’re one of the popular kids on Ashley Madison, you’ll be given Golden Status. This means your profile is hot and hopping and you’ll be listed as the number 3 match for someone if you meet their other criteria.
  4. Quick Reply – If someone sends you a lame-o message that just says something boring like “Hi” or a winky face, you can use the quick reply to let them know you’re only replying once they get their message game on-point and send you something a little longer.
  5. Another User Begins Communication – This lets other users know you want them to initiate the conversation and once they do, you can read their messages for free.

Cost To Upgrade

If all of this sounds good to you, and it should, you probably want to know what it costs to join Ashley Madison. Well, if you’re a lady looking for a man, you get to join for free. If you’re a lady looking for other women, you’ve got to pay the same membership as a guy.

The pricing on Ashley Madison is as follows:

  • Membership Activation Fee-$19.99
  • Member Initiated Contact-$29.99 a month
  • 100 Credits-$59.00
  • 500 Credits-$165.00
  • 1000 Credits-$280.00
  • Priority Listing-$29.70 for a month


Here are a few questions which I get asked on a regular bases about this site. Read them over before emailing me.

What do I get for free on Ashley Madison?

Obviously, credit purchasing members will get full access to everything Ashley Madison has to offer. As a free member, you can search and browse profiles, read emails, browse and search profiles, use advanced searching, create a profile, and view private photos.

How do I pay for my membership? 

Ashley Madison accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Do they have any safety features in place now? I’m kind of paranoid. 

They do have safety features available to you. Of course, you do still have to do your part by not using a regular email and not using your real name on the site. Ashley Madison will help you create a strong password, just be sure to remember it. They are a secure site and have top-notch security measures in place. And, if you put up pictures, there are tools where you can blur out certain parts you may not want to be seen. Be smart and you’ll be fine.

Do they have an app?

 Totally. You can get it for Apple products and Android, so if you’re on the go, you’re totally set.

And, the women? Hot or not? 

All I can say is the women on Ashley Madison are definitely worth your time. Trust me, these are hot women looking for fun and nothing else.

Conclusion: Ashley Madison Works

Ashley Madison has gotten a bad rap in the past and I think it was actually a good thing. It’s made a massive massive comeback and instead of just being that “cheater’s site,” it has evolved itself into more of a hookup site for everyone into everything. As long as you use some common sense, buy a few credits, and stay open-minded, you’re going to have a great time on this Old Goat. If you don’t believe it’s for you, then don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of other options. Check out this page here and you’ll see what I mean.

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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