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Fetlife is a website for those who are interested in pursuing the art of sexual fetish with an open mind in a community style forum. The fetish site for erotic communities around the world. If you are looking for a fetish site, Fetlife is where you can engage in conversations about lots of local events planned, meet fetish dating partners, and support other individuals with like minds in their casual dating endeavors.

I have experienced Fet Life website and the community and I can attest that my experience was not intimidating as some may perceive it to be at first glance. I took a closer look into Fetlife in order to really check out things and understand everything that’s offered. Here’s what I found out about the Fetlife network…

Fetlife homepage

My Complete Review of Fetlife.com After Obtaining A Login

Using Fetlife:

The privacy of users is most beneficial because it provides a feeling of security.  A person can opt to put what they desire on their profile.  It is a tight community of members only.  Fetlife provides an ambiance of acceptance backed with privacy measures for people who are concerned with those aspects of using the site.  Sign up is a cinch. Just complete the registration form, confirm your email and go to town!


Once you have signed up to the website, you are on the main section of the site, the overall feel is comparable to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can look and see the activity of friends on the website.

Additionally, you can see your friends’ activities, such as who they are adding on their friend list. This is an important feature that may be a benefit provided that these individuals that are being added may be single, attractive or are interested in more than just being friends. If it does not interest you in having a busy feed of who is friending who you can follow certain people on the site if you choose.

The following feature is great and many of the people on Fetlife.com use the follow feature because of their widespread popularity on the site. So if, for example, you do not necessarily want to be this person’s friend on the website following that person will just give you a feed of their updates.

Similar to Facebook in relation to your friends on the site,  friending is a key feature, however, there are members of the community that still wish for their sex lives to be more private. So very similar to Facebook you can choose in terms of who you allowed to see your videos or your pictures etc. Knowing this information will be beneficial to you to understand the reasons there are some who may not friend you as quickly as others.

If you are looking to make a lot of friends within groups, look no further. On top of having friends or chatting, you can find a group on this site about anything. There is information on events, and you can browse photos uploaded by users to the site.

The Profiles:

Each page displays your username your age and gender.  In addition, your sexual orientation and geographic location.  It displays this information alongside your picture. It lists your sexual wants and needs for in any relationships you’re currently in or looking for. You can add what it is you are looking for if you haven’t already.

Located within the main info section, you will see the “about” section. Then you can see the user activity, various fetishes they have and a user’s wall. Within your own wall, you can apply HTML when you are writing about yourself. If you’re interested in having a link to any article to an external website, this is helpful. Your wall will also display groups you are a member of, your friends what events you are going to.

They’ve also got an instant message feature that’ll knock your socks off for sure.

Pricing & Member Perks:

This is a free site that you can join without putting any more or credit card up. That’s a major perk. The only fees that a user has to pay apart from being a member for free is for the videos.

The fees you pay help keep the site secure and updated properly. Watch videos, masturbate, do whatever it is that you want to do here. Everything is free game, just don’t insult people or hurt anyone.

If you want to upgrade and get all the perks, all you need to do is fork over $5.00 and you’re in there like swim wear.


Fetish List: This helps you connect with other people and learn what they’re into. Remember, it helps to connect with people who have the same dating goals and values such as yourself.

Limit List: These lists are to ensure that defined boundaries are not to be crossed. There are two kinds of limits: simply put, it’s hard and soft. Hard limits should not be crossed, soft limits are safe to cross at times with consent.

About Me: You can use HTML to link out and customize this part of your profile. For me personally I really like this feature because I believe that enables me to provide more information about myself where potential friends and hookups can find more out about in addition to what is in my profile.

There are sex workers on on the site. They’re here to provide professional services such as dom/mes and submissive services, as well as the typical porn star services. You’ll also find plenty of photographers, painters, models, and riggers within the site. By giving them a way to link, users can go to their own store, OnlyFans account, or Patreon accounts.


The search feature for finding specific people is a little antiquated for me personally. The site functions more as a hookup network and dating forum. If they made it easier to search for terms and people that would be a plus factor.

People contact other users despite the age ranges being prominently displayed. I don’t like to waste my time with people outside of my age bracket.

Fetlife is Rock Sold

Fetlife is a great site for folks into kinky stuff. If you’re looking for a fetish dating network, then this is your site. If you’re looking to some exploring, opening up about fantasies and connecting with like minds. I will tell just about anyone to use this if they are looking for something fetish based versus traditional casual dating.


Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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