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What if there was a site like Facebook, but instead of reading all the recipes Grandma shared or looking at the boring pictures your friends shared from vacation, you could look at, talk to, and hook up with some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen? Because, let me tell you my friends, Fuckbook has got some of the best and horniest women I’ve come across!

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then you’ve either been out of the game or you’re living under a rock. This is a staple and has been for a long time, helping single men and women get laid and have some fun online along the way. It’s been ten years since this site launched and my sex life owes the world to whoever created this site. Find out what you need to know, how to use it, why to use it, and the facts before taking action. Bada boom, bada bing!

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The Only Fuckbook Review You Need

Fuckbook is a site that’s been around since 2009 and has a nice fanbase full of people looking to do one thing. Can you guess what that is? I’ll wait…You got it, the people of Fuckbook are looking to have a sexual relationship of some sort. And whatever that type of sexual relationship is, you’ll find it. You’ll also find every ethnicity, kink, and age group represented on Fuckbook, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

Who’s Fuckbook For?

If you’re looking for some no-strings-attached fun and enjoy the social media kind of thing, you might want to try out Fuckbook. You’ll want to be willing to join a premium casual site (this is the best) and if so, then fantastic, this review is for you. Let me break it down for you a bit…

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Network Highlights

  • Very popular and established site
  • Quick signup process
  • Both a free version and affordable paid version
  • Users for every taste
  • Instant messaging, cams, and member blogs

The Down and Dirty

Fuckbook boasts a membership base of 27 million people and I’m sorry, if you can’t get laid using this NSA site, you’re doing something wrong. Not only are there millions of members, there’s millions of smoking hot members and they’re looking for something exciting.

This network is a great place to go if you have a certain fetish or if you’re looking for a particular type of partner, whether you’re straight, gay, curious, transgender, or even a couple. Everyone is welcome on Fuckbook.

The Site Filters

When you join any dating site, you definitely want to narrow down what you’re looking for. It’s almost like shopping, and you can make sure you find what you want, whether that’s a certain look, location, age, gender, or a certain kink. There’s no settling for the bargain basement model of a partner here, you can tailor your experience to match what you’re hoping for.

Now, I must say there is one little caveat to Fuckbooks filters. The fetish filter is kind of sparse in results, but the top fetish types are there.

So, if you’re dead-set on doing something really “out there,” you may have a tiny bit of trouble finding that perfect match, but don’t let that dissuade you from giving Fuckbook a try. You never know who you may bump into on other places on the site, so don’t give up hope that your kink queen is out there if that is important to you.

Key Features

It is completely free to join Fuckbook. After a few minutes of setting up an account, you’re on the site and ready to set up your own profile. It doesn’t cost a dime to do this, and if you want to just get a feel of the site, it’s a good option.

If you’re like me, though, and want some extra fun and more benefits, you’re going to want to become a paid member. Upgraded memberships always get you more, and with Fuckbooknet.net you can start talking to other members and hopefully getting them into bed. You’ll also benefit because once you’ve paid, all the obnoxious advertising is gone, and you can focus on mostly naked women.

I think my favorite part of Fuckbook, besides the hooking up with sexy women thing, is their member blog area. I will tell you this: Women are some kinky creatures! The FBook blog is a place for members to share their darkest sexual secrets, their deepest fantasies, and all the dirty things they’ve done.

If you want to read some stuff that will get you excited and delve into the mind of someone you’re thinking about meeting up with, look at those blog posts. Trust me on this one.

Fuckbook also has cams, which is awesome. Most of the users are not only in lingerie or less but if you join as a paid member, you can see a lot more of them.

Memberships and Pricing

Fuckbook has some pretty affordable pricing compared to other dating sites. The monthly cost is $29.95, or you can go for a three-month membership at $44.95, which is $14.95 a month. As a paid member you are entitled to some pretty good benefits, including:

  • Unlimited gifts and messages
  • No advertisements for paid members and women
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Reply to all members
  • Exclusive premium features
  • Premium badge

Fuckbook Safety

Using the internet for anything is risky, it’s just a fact of life. And unfortunately, just like its predecessor Facebook, sharing anything private on Fuckbook can be risky. They really do their best to protect you and your private information, though, and you just need to be safe when you’re using any social media.

Also, just like Facebook, Fuckbook is advertisement based. So, you know when you just think of buying a new blender while you’re on Facebook, and then you get recommendations for like a billion blender sites, when you use this site, you’ll get a lot of advertisements on your browser for whatever you were looking at on the site. If that doesn’t bother you, no big deal, but if it does, try browsing in Incognito mode and it should stop all that nonsense.

The one pieces of important advice I can give you with Fuckbook, and any sexual dating site, is to use common sense and don’t give out financial information to strangers. Seriously, don’t reveal too much about yourself right off the bat, and play safely in every way when you do meet up with someone. Be smart, folks.

Oh, and wear a condom, please.

Common Questions & Answers

Fuckbook sounds pretty damn awesome, what’s the catch?

I knew you were going to ask me that. Well, there is one thing that kind of bugs me about Fuckbook and it’s the same thing that bugs me about all dating sites. It uses profiles for entertainment purposes called Cupid profiles. A lot of sites do this and it’s all in their terms of service, so they’re not technically doing anything wrong, but it’s still pretty damn annoying.

What’s a Cupid profile?

So, a Cupid profile, which will be marked with a “C,” is a paid employee who is supposed to make the site seem fun and engaging. It is usually a smoking-hot woman who will hit on you even though you haven’t even set up your profile yet. She will talk to you, a lot, but you can’t meet her in person. She may or may not be a woman, she may or may not be a bot, but one thing is sure, she won’t ever meet you. However, if you’re looking for entertainment, then the Cupid profile shouldn’t bother you all that much.

Will my membership dues renew automatically?

Yep, they do. I know I like that because I’ve had so much success that I don’t want to have to think about re-upping my membership, but I know some people aren’t into that. If you want to cancel your membership, this has an amazeballs customer service team and you can cancel quickly and easily.

Is Fuckbook a web-based site or mobile or both?

Well, it’s a web-based site that works on mobile. You can download their app through the website and only if you’re using an Android device. Sorry Apple folks, you’ve got to stick to Safari or Chrome but it works awesome on either of those browsers.

Final Thoughts

I really like Fuckbook. I like social media, and this has the same thing going for it. I also like a site that delivers on what it promises, which Fuckbook does. If you are searching for some kinky friends who want to just talk about sexy things, or you’re looking for a full-on “friends with benefits” to share in-person experiences with, you’re going to find on Fuckbook. Affordable, fun, and full of benefits, it really is one of the great casual hookup sites out there, minus those pesky Cupids. If you can get past those, then you’re golden!

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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