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Today I’m hitting you with the straight business when it comes to swipe hookup apps. I’ve yet to cover Tinder and given that it’s a staple among many, I’m doing so today! You’ll learn everything you need to know about the Tinder.com website and mobile app. I will not jerk you around here. This is the real deal and raw, so be ready for some facts only, nothing sugar coated.

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Swipe left?

Swipe right?

Tinder is the originator of this unique method of finding a hookup or date and while many other dating sites have adopted this way of getting through the thousands of profile pictures on their sites, Tinder is still the O.G.

If you’ve never experienced dating through Tinder, you must be living under a rock.

Just kidding! I know not everyone does online dating (I’m looking at you, Grandma) or you have heard bad things about this app.

If you’re looking to try Tinder out for the first time, or you’ve left and wondered if it’s worth coming back, keep reading to find out what I think about the version today.

Tinder Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Millions of members
  • Welcoming to all sexual orientations
  • Connects to social media

Background Info

The app was launched in 2012 and has taken the dating world by storm. Instead of slogging through long and boring profiles, this app is more about first impressions. Sure, it can be kind of superficial, I mean, you’re judging other people on their looks.

But, don’t you do that with most people you date anyway? There has to be some sort of attraction there before you’re going to go out with someone, so while it may seem shallow, it’s something we all do even if we don’t realize it.

Tinder is a great site for those people who don’t have time to date. Maybe you work a huge number of hours or you are kind of a shy person. Or, maybe you just want to see what there might be available in the dating world without having to create a huge profile of your own.

Whatever your reasoning for using it, Tinder can connect like-minded people easily and quickly.

Tinder Sign-Up

Signing up takes all of five minutes or so. Once you give them your email address or phone number, you can verify that you’re, well, you. Then you’ll be asked for some basics like your name, birthday, gender, and you’ll be prompted for a profile picture.

If you are interested, you can link your Tinder account to your Facebook page, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Spotify, but none of this is a requirement. If you want your Tinder life to be separate from your other life, it’s totally possible.

Joining Tinder is completely free, but a free membership is pretty limited. This isn’t unique to Tinder, so don’t hate them for holding the good stuff hostage for a fee.

Some of the special features a paid membership will get you include:

  • Boost-The boost feature allows you to promote your profile for 30 minutes, meaning more exposure to potential matches.
  • Super Like-Every 24 hours you’ll get a Super Like to send to another member to let them know you really like them. A premium member will be given more of these to really let others know how you feel.
  • Rewind-If you swiped left and missed out on someone you may actually have liked to have a date with, a rewind lets you fix that.
  • Top Picks-If you are really on limited time, Tinder will give you the top picks that match up with you based on what you’re looking for.

The Profiles

Creating a profile is probably the most important part of using the site. This is where your personality gets to shine and lets the world know about you. While you can link to your other social media, if you’re not into that you can personalize your profile with pictures, music, and biography information.

When its time to set up your Tinder profile, remember these tips:

  • Give a little thought to what you’re looking to say.
  • Make your profile bio catchy, fun, and engaging.
  • Make the profile as honest as possible.
  • Don’t go overboard with filters-nobody has manga eyes or puppy dog ears in real life.
  • Make sure your photos are clear, have pictures of your face, and that they’re really you.

Unfortunately, dating sites are full of fakes and Tinder is really no different. There are some definite signs you can look out for to avoid getting involved with all that drama.

These warning signs include:

  • If you match with someone, do not click on any links they send you or have in their profile.
  • If a profile has only one picture or seems too good to be true, it is probably a fake.
  • If it feels like you’re talking to a bot, let them go and move on to a real person.

Making Matches

Once you’ve joined, now is the time to make some matches. Swiping right means you’re into someone, swiping left means you aren’t. If you both swipe right, you’re officially a match!

Exciting, right?

Once you and a member have swiped right on each other, you can then exchange unlimited messages with each other. If you like someone and they gave you a left swipe, sorry, you guys can’t talk. You also won’t be able to search for a member unless you both matched up. This is a great way to ensure that people aren’t being harassed by someone they’re not attracted to.

Tinder also allows you to block members who maybe you initially clicked with but found out it wasn’t going to work. If you’re really being bothered by someone, take the time to report them to Tinder’s customer service. Nobody deserves to be harassed.


If all of this sounds great, you’re probably wondering what it costs to become a paid member of Tinder. Let me fill you in, then!

The current pricing schedule of Tinder is as follows:

Tinder Plus

  • 1-month-$14.99
  • 6-months-$60.00 ($10.00/month)
  • 1-year-$80.04 ($6.67/month)

Tinder Gold

  • 1-month-$24.99
  • 6-months-$90.00 ($15.00/month)
  • 1-year-$120.00 ($10.00/month)

Both Plus and Gold have similar upgraded benefits, but Tinder Gold allows you to see who liked you without a match being made. Also, if you’re over 30, you may have to pay an additional $10.00 more per month just for being older. Sorry, but Tinder is basically for the younger generation, but don’t let it stop you from joining, there are a wide variety of people on there.

Final Thoughts on Tinder

Tinder has really made online dating what it is today. With its ease of use, affordability, and convenience it makes online dating super easy. There are also millions of members, so there is a very high likelihood that you’re going to find a match.

Whether you are gay, straight, male, female, or something in between or outside those lines, Tinder offers you the ability to find a date, a hookup, or anything you’re really searching for and to do it quickly.

Now, go get a good picture of yourself and make a profile, I think you’ll thank me.

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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