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If you’re a man that’s either curious or looking to meet other men, then discreet gay dating is where it’s at for you! Whether it be via a gay app, website, dating forum, or whatever – there are plenty of options for you. I’ve done my best to hit everything important related to this topic below. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to dating as a gay man in the world today.

Everything You Need To Know About Gay Dating (In 2019)

There’s always been a stigma attached to gay men that’s kept them in the recesses of loud, flashy bars. It’s next to impossible to hook up with someone at a local watering hole. If you want to let your intentions make themselves clear, you have to hit up the gay bar. They’re always noisy and the lights are always flashing. It can be too much to deal with, no matter how badly you want to meet Mr. Right.

Most dating sites don’t cater to the gay population, but if you know where to look, you can have a fulfilling love life without leaving your house. Gay dating sites have exploded in both popularity and numbers. All it takes is finding the right one to manage your entire dating or sex life from the sofa. It’s that finding the right one part that usually gets in the way. Here’s a list of the best ones to save you from a life of club hopping and back-alley hookups.

Gay Friend Finder Is There For You

Gay Friend Finder has been around for a while, since 1996, in fact. If you take a look at it today, it will seem like it’s still stuck in that year. That doesn’t mean it won’t work, though. There’s an active user base and some of it is free. Of course, those users tend to be older.

Younger people want things to be flashy and exciting. They’re not going to be drawn to a site that looks like its fresh off the of the Geocities platform. Still, if you’re interested in meeting friends or couples, this isn’t a bad option. You just have to keep in mind that you’ll probably need a premium account. You can’t do a whole lot as a free user, unfortunately.

Out Personals Will Get Personal

Out Personals is a great option is you’re tired of swiping or typing. This site uses video chat to connect you with other users. It’s the best way to meet face to face without meeting face to face. They call themselves the “world’s largest gay dating hookup site.”

Whether or not you believe that is up to you. The fact remains that you get tons of video options to use on your dating quest. This is another one where you’ll have to upgrade, though. You can create a free profile, but you can’t do anything beyond simply looking. If you want to communicate, you’ll have to pay. There are over a million members to talk to, so it might just be a good choice.

Adam 4 Adam Offers It All

The best thing about Adam 4 Adam is that it doesn’t limit you to long term dating. It’s there for friendships and hot hookups as well. You can go there looking for anything and probably find it. And that means anything. The site doesn’t charge anything for membership, so it has to make money in other ways.

This one makes it through ads. You’ll be well aware of how many porn sites you can join and how many erectile dysfunction medications you buy by the end of your stay. You’ll also see ads for cams and a sex shop. You can basically get anything you want here, including a way to relieve your frustration if you strike out with someone.

Scruff Is More Than Scruffy

Scruff used to specifically target “bears” only. That was their whole thing for years, but things have changed. Now they cater to everyone. You can still find the bearded man of your dreams, though. There’s something for everyone. On top of that, you can also stay up to date with queer activities near you.

There’s also a travel section. It will fill you out on all of the best queer-friendly destinations to be had. It’s a great place to find a community of likeminded users. The one downside is that pictures that people send to you will get deleted if you’re a free user. You’re going to need to upgrade if you want the ability to look back in your conversation to see what the guy looks like again. It’s a small thing, but a big one at the same time.

Man Play Lets You Play

Man Play isn’t selling you any illusions. You’re not going to meet your next husband there. It’s not built for long term relationships. It’s there to help you play with as many men as you possibly can. If you want to hook up, this is how you do it.

In fact, they offer a hookup guarantee.

You just can’t pass something like that up. According to them, they work for everyone from couples in their 40s to twinks in their 20s. That’s a pretty bold statement and well worth a look to see if it checks out. Once again, you’re going to have to pay for full access. A free user can only look at profiles and create their own. Talking costs extra and a top tier membership will get you featured on search results. That can mean a lot when someone’s looking for “Mr. Next Half Hour.”

Gaydar Puts The Community On Your Radar

Gaydar is much more than just a dating platform. This site offers you plenty of chatrooms and ways to keep yourself involved with the local scene. You can stay up to date on events and find men to go with. It’s an all-around great community app.

They were created in the far-away year of 1999 before Y2K struck and we were all blasted back to the Stone Age. Now they’re a successful app that also works as a great destination for queer blogs. You can read up on any subject, from sex (obviously) to health, fitness and general lifestyle. Upgrading lets you see who’s looking at your profile and you get access to much more powerful filtering tools on top of that.

Silver Daddies Brings The Older To The Younger

Silver Daddies is there for young men who want older guys and vice versa. You don’t have to look long before you find the age range of your dreams. It’s geared toward younger guys with daddy fantasies and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. It has a really basic design, so you can skip all of the flashy hullabaloos and just go straight in for the sexy boys.

Keep in mind that this site isn’t built to be used at work, though. It absolutely drips with sex from the second you log on. Pornographic images are all over this one and they come in right on the homepage. If you have to use it at work, take it into the men’s room. No one wants a surprise penis at the office.

Gays Is The Community You Need

Gays is much more than just a dating site, although it does a great job at being that. You can find like-minded guys to talk to and get to know. It’s just as good for hookups as it is for long term love or finding friends. It’s also an amazing source for queer happenings. You can stay up to date on all of the events around you, as well as ones that you travel to with your new friends.

As if it needed more, it’s also an open platform for anyone who wants to talk about their fantasies. You can discuss your thoughts and words with anyone who shares or disagrees with your views. It’s free to use and can do anyone a world of good, especially if you’re bi-curious and want to talk about your hidden desires.

Grindr Is Still Grindr

Finally, we come to that most popular of gay dating apps; Grindr. You know what it is. Everyone does. You post your photos and maybe a few words. Then horny guys start sending you pick up lines. It’s really that easy. Use it carefully if you’re looking for more than a hookup, though. Most of the guys here aren’t the settling down type.

The company that owns it also started a queer magazine called “Into.” You can read all about the gay community and what’s going on in it. The dating app itself is free to use, although you can upgrade if you want. That will allow you to see more guys and add filters to your searches.

Conclusion: Date At Home (Via Mobile) Instead Of At The Bar

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there you for you. You don’t have to spend all of your time at the bar. Just get yourself an app and talk to as many hot men as you want. Everyone’s on the site for the same thing and they want to share it with you.

You don’t have to play the guessing game of whether or not the stud at the end of the bar is DTF. You’re already on the same page with the majority of men that you talk to. Give them a shot and see just how much better your dating and sex life can really get for you.

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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