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I had never heard of Private Delights, but a friend asked me what I thought about it, so I started digging to see what it was about. Turns out, Private Delights is a classified ads kind of thing, sort of like Craigslist, that is run by a Swiss company.

This doesn’t mean that only people in Switzerland can use the site, though. Private Delights includes ads for people across the U.S. as well, so nobody has to be left out.

PrivateDelights homepage

But, what is Private Delights all about?

Is it for dating? Escorts? Or something else entirely?

Before you decide to use Private Delights, read my review to not only find out what they’re about, but if they are a good site for whatever pursuits you happen to have.

What PrivateDelights.ch Is Truly About?

So, here is the first thing you need to know about Private Delights. It’s an escort site. I’m not the biggest fan of escort sites, which my readers probably already know.

However, I know that many of my readers are A-OK with using escort sites (I did research on Hawaii hookers here) and because I try to help all my “brothas” out, I check out and review escort sites with a critical, but fair, eye. I don’t want you to waste your time or money on something that is a blatant rip-off.

Once I found out that Private Delights was an escort site, I thought to myself, “Well, I can pretty much guarantee this is a garbage site, but I’ll look at it.”

Boy, am I glad I did. Private Delights actually surprised me and I’m not even an escort site kinda guy. Here is why I think Private Delights is totally worth your time if you’re the kind of man that enjoys paying for sex.

Private Delights

3 Reasons Why I Think This  Is Legit

I’ve seen every bad escort site that exists, and I’ve seen everything they do to trick unsuspecting horny men. From stolen pictures to fake profiles to exorbitant fees for absolutely nothing, escort site creators know that sex sells and horny people are often desperate. They don’t care if they rip people off.

Private Delights is different, though. Here are the three reasons why I think Private Delights is not only legit but a good site in the world of escort sites.

Reason #1: The Girls Look Real

If you’ve spent any time on a hookup site or an escort site that is shady, you’ll notice that the profiles of the women are often full of pictures that are majorly sexy. Like, these women are so amazing looking, they are often unbelievable.

The women of Private Delights all appear attractive, but real. There doesn’t seem to be photoshopping or retouching going on and from what I could tell none of the pictures were stolen from other places.

Reason #2: Profiles Are Verified

Private Delights asks their members to only submit confirmed information and to have their profiles verified. Let me tell you, no dating site that is fake or shady will have verified profiles for its members. Only the best sites will go through this time-consuming step, which just shows that they not only care about the “Johns” who will be paying for sex, but also for the ladies that are posting their services.

It is important to remember that Private Delights has two interfaces; one if for the escort and one if for the man who intends to use an escort. Screening happens for both sides and all reviews that are going to be posted by a client are also screened for fairness and authenticity.

Reason #3: Reviews

If you decide to use Private Delights as a client, you have the ability to leave a review for any escort that you spend time with. Now, there are a very limited number of actual profiles on Private Delights, at last count there were only about 285. That may seem small, but I think the small number is actually because Private Delights only takes real people and they aren’t in it for advertising and ripping people off.

This low number will, however, limit the number of women you have access to depending on where you live. If you are one of the lucky ones that has access to the women, though, you can leave a review.

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Now, here’s what I say about the review process.

Don’t be a dick. Don’t spend the evening with someone and then decide you want to be nasty to them and leave a bad review. And don’t try and troll the site because you’re lame and angry because you’re the type of guy that has to pay women for sex.

If you are leaving a review, consider the following rules:

  1. Don’t leave anything too specific. This means no identifiable information, too personal of details, or any real names and addresses. This is common courtesy and decency and keeps the escorts safe.
  2. Don’t have flappy lips. Nobody needs to know what you and the escort did in specific. Trust me, nobody cares.

If you can’t do those two things, well, first you’re a jerk and secondly, your review won’t be approved for publication on Private Delights.

Payments for Escorts on Private Delights

Because the site deals in the sex industry, payments need to be secure and kind of on the down-low. If you didn’t realize, most payment companies won’t deal with anything sex-related. Paypal is notorious for stopping payments, and keeping the money if they suspect that you’re paying or receiving money for anything sexual, and they’re not the only ones.

Since Private Delights is definitely dealing in sex, Bitcoins is the preferred method of payment. Now, I’m not that well versed in cryptocurrency, so I’m not exactly sure how that works. If you are, then you’re set.

If you’re like me, though, Private Delights also allows you to use the Cash App to pay your lady-friend.

Final Verdict on Private Delights: If You Like Escorts, I Give it a Thumbs Up

Again, I’m not the biggest fan of using an escort site, I think that there are many other options where you can pay a small fee to use a hookup site or app and have sex with women who are looking for nothing more than a good evening without being paid for it.

But, I get that everyone has to make money and if both parties are consenting adults, that’s yall’s business. And if you’re going to use an escort site, then I would give Private Delights a big thumbs up. The only negative for me is that the number of choices is very small and only guys in big cities are probably going to be successful in finding a match.

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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