The 21 Best Places to Meet Older Women

Young and old guys who want to date sexy older women have one common problem – they don’t know where to meet them! After all, it’s not like you’ll find an older woman standing around with a sign saying that they are available, just ask us out, that would simply make it too easy.

If you have been struggling to find older women to date, we have good news for you. Our expert team has a lot of experience in this area and has put together a detailed list of where you can meet older women who are interested in dating younger guys. Since these women are usually very busy with a lot going on in their life, we have been able to find out the places that they mostly like to hang out.

But before you read this list, it is highly recommended that you know how to approach an older woman to ask her out because the typical techniques you use to reach out to young women will not work with older women. If you feel you are ready to ask these women out, start reading below.

Known Meeting Spots for Older Women

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There are actually tons of places where you can meet hot older women. To simplify the process for you, we have compiled a list of favorite places where these women usually hang out. You’ll also find 10 great ideas to help in your search below.

Cooking classes and stores is a great place to start

There is no denying the fact that women love to cook and the ones who love to cook are incredibly focused on what they do. They’ve actually learned the art to please people by throwing successful dinner parties. They are also very knowledgable about everything that is related to the art of cooking – and the ones who aren’t knowledgeable enough, are open to learning and they are usually attending cooking classes. This is why these classes make an incredibly good place to start your search for a hot older woman.

The type of women you will meet in cooking classes are the ones who have very basic cooking skills but are ready to learn more skills so that they can please you.

cooking classes

Cougar life is the best place to meet older women online

If you have not been looking for older women on the internet, you are missing out on a lot. Older women are so busy with their lives and professions that they really don’t find the time to hang out in bars and clubs. And this is why more often than not, they are looking for younger guys on the internet. But where exactly should you look for older women on the internet?

We highly recommend trying out looking for older women on a site called Cougar Life. You can try the site out for free. It is one of the best sites out there for searching for older women because they have the largest number of hot older women members. There may be even bigger sites out there but most of them don’t have members looking to date younger guys such as you.

With Cougar Life, you at least know that every woman member on the site is there only to date younger men, and it is actually really easy to find a hot looking older woman on this platform. Once you have set up your profile, you should be honest enough to state that you are looking for a companionship of older women with clear reasons mentioned.

Be very upfront about why you think older women are preferable to dating for you and within your age bracket.

Dog obedience classes often have a lot of mature women

Dog obedience classes are also one of the best places to find and date older women. By joining the classes, you can also show interest in the dog of the woman and trust us, this always works. After the classes, the two of you can get together and practice what you have learned. This is a date chance in disguise while your dogs play. After all, if the two of your dogs get along, there is a good chance that both of you will also get along with each other.

The type of older women you meet at dog obedience classes are usually loyal, compassionate, loving and the ones who love going out for walks with dogs.

dog training classes

Don’t rule out the possibility of finding them in bars

Just like young women, older women also like to hang out in bars to meet single younger guys. Which bar you choose to go to really depends on what you are looking for in the woman. For example, if you are looking for a relationship, then you may want to check out bars that are filled with mature and successful people. If you are searching for a woman for a hook-up or a one night stand, then a bar that attracts this kind of crowd is your best bet.

women in bar

Adult FriendFinder is also a great place to go if you are in for a quick fling

If you are in a city for a business trip, or just there to tour the sights and sounds, then you can look for a quick fling using Tinder and Adult FriendFinder. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and they are meant to be used by different people. But one of them is far better than the other when it comes to looking for older women.

Tinder is perhaps the best out there to meet girls between the age of 18 and 28. Millennials love this site because it was made for them. But if you want to meet older women who are at least 35 years of age or more, Tinder is just not the right place to go. Most women who are beyond 35 years of age don’t use Tinder because the app has younger guys that are way younger than them.

Adult FriendFinder on the other hand perfectly fills this gap when it comes to meeting older women on the internet. The site and app have been around since 2006 and has over 50 million members which give you plenty of more options. And women who are looking for something short term are usually on this platform and they avoid using Tinder.

One other thing that Tinder is not good at is its overall experience. Many guys complain that it is impossible to get the attention of women if you are not a good looking guy. In our experience, more than 80% of women only focus on the top 10% of the hot looking guys. There isn’t much for you on Tinder if you don’t have the right looks. Adult FriendFinder, on the other hand, has a very equal playing field since it is all based on pictures.

Make sure to read the Adult Friend Finder review for more tips on what you do when you join the site.

Night classes are also a perfect place to find older women

Have you ever tried taking an adult class at night? A lot of busy and professional women attend these classes to increase their education and knowledge simply because they do not find enough time in the day to do so. So by attending these classes, you may actually run into older women who are open to dating younger men and at classes like these, it is often the women who start the conversation. Pretty good huh?

But be warned that this may not happen to you, at least not on the first try. But don’t be discouraged. Keep visiting the classes and there might come a time, sooner than you think, that a woman may start to show interest in you.


Parks are also a great place to meet older women

Are you a dog owner? If not, try getting one today or borrow one from any of your friends and take it out for a walk around the park. Most mature women love seeing a younger guy walking his dog and she might even start a conversation with you just because you look like a very caring dog owner. And if she is a dog owner too, then the chances of conversation being started goes up 2x times. If the woman is not of the right age and she approaches you, just be polite and move on.

Don’t let anything distract you and keep walking in the park until you find someone noteworthy. And if you are someone who is still struggling with approaching women in public, then you should read a few books that describe how to find success in approaching older women. These books will give you a lot of confidence in approaching a woman in public, and trust us when it comes to confidence, no woman can resist you, regardless of their age.

Having enough knowledge about how to approach women in public spaces also gives you the ability to instantly tell if a woman is interested in you or not. For example, if she gives you a brush-off, you may easily be able to tell. And when that happens, it is usually a good idea to just move on. Just remember that hot older women who are looking to date younger guys are usually very open about it. They usually even make the first move so don’t press too hard with a woman if you don’t see any interest coming from her.


Restaurants with bars are very good places to search too

If you are dead serious about dating an older woman, you can also consider finding a bartender or waiter job at a nice eatery with a bar. Older women frequently come to restaurants with bars for their afternoon drink or dinner. And the great thing is that they come in scores so you will have plenty of choices.

Start by getting to know their names and learn more about them. Try and remember the names of the ones that come frequently. Make it your priority to also learn about their frequent orders and try to surprise them by giving them their usual when they arrive, just don’t try to go overboard with this tactic. Be mysterious because it is fascinating for older women. Flattery will also come in handy here because older women love it when you compliment them. They will undoubtedly remember you better if you throw nice compliments at them. If she is coming with her friends, then this could turn out even better for you because the more attention you give to her, the more envious her friends will become which will make her feel better about herself.

woman in bar

If a fit and an attractive older woman is your thing, then try going to gyms

What’s the best place to meet an older woman if you are living in a small town? It may very well be a local gym. Every single town has a local gym where you can get a membership and you will be surprised how many older women tend to come here. These places are known to have a mixed clientele and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Older women who are interested in dating younger men are particularly very careful about their physical appearance. This means that they will most likely spend an hour or two in the gym on most days of the week. If you are in good physical shape yourself, you can even assist to help them out with their workout. Try and compliment her on her physical appearance and watch how she becomes a fan of yours.

To start off a conversation, you can always use subtle questions such as asking her about her usual hours and how long she has been a member and what workout routine she follows. This casual stuff can take you to high places, trust us. You can even pretend to be clueless about a workout and ask her if she has got any suggestions for you. She may be willing to help you out and that is where you can look for an opportunity to start a conversation. Later on, you can ask her for a drink or coffee after the gym.

women in gym

Look for them at homeless shelters and senior facilities as well

One of the best places which are often overlooked when it comes to meeting older women are homeless shelters and senior facilities. Most older women volunteer to help these places. You’ll be surprised how many good looking older women come to these places to meet and help these people.

I know that’s going to sound extremely bizarre, but it’s the truth. And hey, we blog for everyone, not just the rich millionaire types.

Women are very caring and considerate of their relatives who are confined in these places, so these are ideal places to look for them especially if they are there to meet their grandparents or other family members. This is your big chance to show how compassionate you are and believe us, women love a younger guy who is compassionate, caring, and loving.

Homeless shelters and kitchens are also excellent places to hunt down hot and sexy mature women. Volunteering at these places is something that increases your chance to find someone who has the same values as you. Keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised. In addition to meeting older women, you are also contributing to your community.

Coffee Shops are also very popular places where older women hangout

If you have a coffee shop near your home, get up early and try visiting these in the morning. You are probably not the only one doing this, so keep that in mind! Coffee shops are a great place to find businesswomen who are always there in the morning before going to work. Get in the line and start talking to her. Ask her if she is a frequent visitor at the coffee shop. Get her to recommend a good ice coffee or latte for you. Questions like these can easily help you strike a conversation.

And if you don’t have a popular coffee brand in your area, just try out any coffee shop that is buzzing with customers in the morning. Everyone loves having coffee before going to work and there is definitely a place near you where older women go for their coffee fix, it is only a matter of finding it out.

women drinking coffee

Hang around in a coffee shop for a few days and see what kinds of women come here for their coffee fix. Just bring along a newspaper or magazine and sit there for an hour or two on a daily basis, looking for the right people.

After a few days, you are bound to see older women coming in for their coffee. This is the perfect time to strike a conversation with them.

Search them up on jogging trails

If you have a favorite physical activity, such as jogging or walking, don’t waste your time doing this activity in a gym. Go out in your local park or on jogging trails and you are bound to find someone there.

Older women like to stay in shape and they usually do it by jogging on a daily basis. After you have established your daily jogging routine, you are bound to run into familiar faces on a daily bases. Just jog alongside an older woman if you find one and start a casual conversation. It can be about anything such as the scenery, the length of the track, or just about anything that gets her talking to you. Try to be in the same area on the same day every time to make sure that you become a familiar face for her. You want to make sure that it seems like this is something you do on a daily basis for her to be comfortable enough to talk to you.

If she gets the wrong idea such as that she suspects that you are only jogging because you are stalking her, she might even call the cops on you! So make sure to make this a routine work instead of just doing it to find older women.

Island vacations or cruises are also places where a lot of older women hangout

Have you ever considered looking for older women outside of your town? How about a vacation island or a cruise? If you have the money to afford a trip on the cruise, it may well be the single best place to look for an older woman because many of them go on vacation either alone or with a group of their hot friends. This is especially a good place to look for older women who are on the hunt of finding younger guys to date.

If you look online, you can easily find a vacation that is affordable. Somewhere where there are white sandy beaches, warm romantic waterfronts, and other likable places are the perfect vacation spots to go hunting for older women.

woman in bikini

Other Ways to Meet Older Women

Try becoming a dogsitter

If you are looking for older women, the best way is to become a dog sitter. This isn’t a good thing if you are aiming for a short-term solution to finding women. Plus you’ll also end up earning some money on the side while waiting to meet the dog’s girl. Another advantage of becoming a dogsitter is that you will be easily trusted, and trust is something that can take months or even years to develop with older women. If you prove that you can take care of her dog while she is away by sending her pictures of how much fun the two of you are having, she is going to add you into her inner circle of friends.

Try going for an herb walk

Science says that women are more interested in herbs than men. Having knowledge about herbs is actually an excellent trait of a woman who is into long-term relationships. Older women who you’ll meet here usually appreciate nature and they are very much against the use of herbs to make medicine. They are more like dependant on a holistic approach by drinking various herb teas and even coming up with their own natural herb-based salves, tinctures, and other things. So make sure you are well aware of nature before you try and make friends with an older woman who enjoys herb walking.

Try taking golfing classes

Women who are looking for rich men are usually found at golfing classes. When you are there, just look at her dress and see whether she fits your criteria or not. It is difficult to learn the ways of the rich but if you concentrate and focus, you could pull it within days.

Join writing classes

Writing classes are one of the best places to find older women who love reading books and have an interest in writing a piece of their own. It is also a good place to start a relationship with such a woman but you need to be someone who can share their deepest and innermost thoughts with her and be willing to hear hers. You can also judge her easily by her writing, sometimes if you are good at it, it can reveal a lot about her. The type of women you are going to find here are mostly the ones that like to think a lot and contribute to society with their literary skills. They are also capable of holding deep and thoughtful conversations.

So if you think you are not someone who can indulge in deep and tough conversations that require a lot of thought – try and avoid going here in look for older women to date.

Financial training meetings

There are many businesses out there that are dedicated to changing the lives of others by holding financial meetings. You will find tons of older women at these free meetings because these meetings can do a lot for their professions, so they are likely going to be there any time a meeting is held.

The kind of women you will meet here are mostly those who are recovering from their financial downfalls or from their previous relationships. Sometimes there are smart and independent women here too who are looking for financial success and don’t necessarily like to depend on other people.

Health and nutrition meetings

As we have mentioned this earlier, again and again, older women who want to date younger men are always on the lookout for things that help them appear attractive. Health and nutrition meetings are exactly where they go to learn more about workout and diet routines that help them keep them fit. Sometimes women are also here to learn a thing or two about various diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, allergies, and more.

There is also a chance that they may be in this meeting to learn more about health and nutrition for a family member. So make sure you are there too and it will be easier for you to start a conversation with her.

The waiting area in the doctor’s office

This is one of the most unlikely places you would want to visit when looking for an older woman to date. But you will be surprised how many people visit doctors on a daily basis and you are bound to find a hot older woman waiting their turn in the waiting room. Sometimes women visit doctors just for a routine checkup, so don’t be afraid to try visiting this area when you are on a hunt.

IT classes

Since computers and information technology is a new thing for older women, they never really got the chance to master this. You can join a computer class and become her private teacher because you are young and you probably know a lot more about computers and IT. You are bound to find older women here trying to improve their computer skills because their professions require them to become well versed in the art of computing. Help her out and you may very well be dating her later.

Church luncheons

Many churches offer luncheons to its members every month on a variety of topics. They regularly invite speakers that give out testimony on how to deal with a particular problem in life. Generally speaking, if a woman is well connected to God, she is going to be a very good partner in a relationship. If you are seeking a partner who can help your life through spirituality, this is the place to go.

Church choirs

Choirs are always looking for new singers and members of a choir usually get to know each other quite quickly. Older women tend to join choirs just as an activity which means it is a great place for you to find them and befriend them.

Of course, there are many ways to do things in life.  For us, when it comes to meeting anyone, we’re always using hook up websites.  However, sometimes you just have to think outside the box.  We like to limit those “some times,” and use hook up apps to meet people on a much faster pace.

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Does anyone have anything to add to this list?

Owen Cashner


Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

Owen Cashner

Owen Cashner

Owen Cashner considers himself a professional dater and amateur comedian. His passion for writing led him to document his experiences using online dating websites. All opinions expressed on this website are to further educate men on the landscape of dating. Use this information to your advantage and conquer the dating world.

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